• ColorPillar

    The Whole World is Your Color Palette

  • The newest addition to your arsenal.

    An entire palette at your fingertips.

    Color Capturing Technology

    With a simple press, ColorPillar captures the color you want. Only take 1 millisecond to capture and linked through Bluetooth. More than 65,000 colors are available to use on your tablet and phone.

    Ergonomic Style

    Color Pillar's triangular design makes it sleek and comfortable, suitable for users of all ages.

    Color Pillar in Use

    Paired with our MozMemo app, record ideas in a flash and preserve the colors that inspire you.

  • Feel Realistic Drawing Sensation!

    Three QuickSnap Module

    Rubber Nib

    Smooth touch in writing and drawing

    The smooth, wear resisting rubber stylus gives a gentle, smooth touch in handwriting, typing, and drawing with a precise tactile control.

    Precision Nib

    For precision drawing

    The translucent, pinpoint disc stylus gives you a pen-like touch in writing and drawing--the mark will be exactly where you want it to be.

    Fine Brush

    Paint style

    Capacitive brush stylus made with synthetic materials. The brush stylus is soft and malleable but not resistant. It provides superior tactile feedback for smooth and perfect drawing and writing on tablets and phone.

  • MozApps

    Color with Tango Art Drawings

    Stored Colors Turn into Personal Color Palette

    Capture and Save Your Inspiration.

    Taking notes, sketching, writing over imported PDF, MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint docs. support iPad, iPhone, and Mac with mozbii color feature.

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